Goodbye, niche blogs!

I’ve decided to merge future blog posts from my two other blogs, Fat-Loss Odyssey and Communications Odyssey, into my main blog: Recis Dempayos. It’s getting to be a drag having to maintain three blogs at the same time. I’m just too busy these days. Now, the reason why I started other blogs beside my main blog (I had other … Continue reading

A Tour of AM and FM Radio Networks

Earlier in the year, January 02 to be exact, me and a couple of my Master in Development Communication classmates had a radio tour of two radio networks in Baguio City. One is an AM network while the other is an FM network. Actually, both radio networks are under the same broadcasting company. I am thankful for … Continue reading

School is keeping me down?

Ever since the second half of last year, I’ve been seeing a handful of job advertisements on local television. These ads call for applicants for various positions in the media (television and radio). Actually, the employment ads come from one major, nationwide media company with a regional network near my area. I’ve already submitted my … Continue reading

Fitting in With “Experienced” Classmates

We met our classmates/peers for our Research Methodology 206 course last Saturday. I felt insignificant! This is why: It was our first time to meet everyone. As a tradition, we had to introduce ourselves along with our jobs, Bachelor’s degrees, interests, and all those other details of your life that you share when meeting people. … Continue reading

The Modern Survey Tool

So I had an assignment for a subject in Master’s school that required us to conduct an interview regarding the role of media in one’s life. We needed just ten interviewees; it was a simple assignment, really. So how did I gather the responses that I needed? With everyone’s busy schedule this holiday season, I … Continue reading

Still Job Hunting

The year is approaching the end and I still am not settled in a communications-related job. THIS is about to get depressing, but with the Yuletide season upon us, I refuse to feel even a hint of negativity. I’m guessing I’ll welcome the New Year jobless. Actually, that is already within my plan; I’ll just … Continue reading

Busy with Schoolwork at the Busiest Time of the Year

Christmastime is now in the air. It’s usually regarded as the “busiest time of the year” because people are preoccupied with buying items for gifts, wrapping presents, visiting family, cooking Christmas dinners, and all that festive stuff. Of course, for individuals who go to school, there’s the additional load of doing a lot of schoolwork … Continue reading