Hello world!

Hello world indeed!

A new chapter in my blogging life is what I need. Hopefully, it is.

Why am I always like that? Seems like I can’t stand for a decision. Oh well. Most times, the decisions that I follow aren’t the original ones—the ones that I make—anyway. And besides, these decisions—I’ll call them disguised opportunities—reap unwarranted rewards that eventually lead me to my original goals. It turns out that way, it happened numerous times in my past.

Why is it that I can’t shake off this pessimistic side? It’s a new blog, the first blog post, new writing, and yet, I start off with a bundle of negativity? And I don’t even like emo. *sigh!*


My blog focus here will be the new career / academics / profession / vocation that I am threading: Communication. I just enrolled in a Master’s degree in Development Communication. A modular course, i.e. distance learning. How’s that for illustrated development communication? I’m also on the lookout for a communications-related job: Anything that’ll spruce up my resumé with relevant experience that’ll help me attain better opportunities later in this budding career.

For some, this decision is a downgrade from my Bachelor’s degree, but for me, it isn’t. No offense to my former profession, but I never intended to practice it. By the way, my Bachelor’s degree is in Nursing.

Crossing Over

But I’m still thankful for having taken a Nursing degree. It enabled me to develop into the stronger-willed and more sensible person that I am today. And I love myself more today than I was back then! So, as I said in the introductory statements, this disguised opportunity reap an unwarranted reward that I know will eventually lead me to accomplish my goals.

Despite the incompatibility of  my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, I still got accepted to my university. Thankfully! Apparently, my work as a home-based, freelance web article writer / academic writer since 2010 justified my acceptance into the degree. Now, I need a more communications-related job, like a reporter (that may be overboard—a correspondent or researcher or even an encoder maybe?) or a disk jockey (I would like to be one) or a contributor to a local paper. Something justifiable to my the degree I’m currently taking and my skills. Hopefully, it would be a job that would also support my post-graduate studies; a Master’s degree is more expensive, you know.

Oh Boy, Here We Go!

So there. I have a feeling I’ll be blogging to assure myself of this professional move. I’m still anxious about this. This blog will be another outlet for venting out feelings, emotions, revelations, all that drama. With any luck, this won’t be the case. I wouldn’t want to blog about negativity no more. Not really helpful to society, you see. Maybe blog about my personal discoveries as I go about learning about Communications. And experiencing it. It’ll take a lot of time, a long haul of experience. A long journey. An odyssey—thus, communications odyssey.

Until the next blog post! Cheers!


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