How I Chose My Communications School


It all started in April of this year. I resolved to take up a communications degree after twice failing an entrance examination for a premier conservatory of music. I needed the education because one simply cannot expect to achieve, much less thrive, in the competitive field of communications media without relevant credentials. (My Bachelor’s degree is in Nursing and I’m a board passer—I have a professional license.)

I would be taking a second degree. Back then, I thought, “Why not? Other people complete second degrees and come out on top because they have twice the education one needs to succeed!” I guess I never thought much about it. I’ll explain further in the last page of this post.

But no doubt, I needed to equip myself with ample knowledge about this field if I was to succeed in building a career out of it. I’ve read numerous times that the communications field is a highly competitive one. A budding communications career person has to be aggressive in selling himself to media companies, corporations that use communications media, and advertising companies, among others. Basically, if you don’t have convincing qualifications that you’re the person employers are looking for in a communications-related job description, you just won’t make it.

And so, I made inquiries with numerous schools or universities in Baguio City. I have to choose a good school that will equip me with what I need in order to competitively enter the communications media field.

“This will be the first step of my plans,” I thought.


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