Our First Face-to-Face Class

So I just got home from our first day of class (actually, our first ever classroom discussion) and just after the first (of three) course subjects, I already had a headache. My last attended formal class was in 2008 so now, my system is in shock and is exhausted. It’ll eventually adapt … provided that it’s possible so with the once-a-month class meetings that we have.

That’s one thing I forgot to expound on. Since our Dev COMM degree is offered by the Open University, our usual mode of learning is by self-studying modules prepared and handed out by our professors. We also employ electronic and software tools like Email, online discussion groups, and SMS for submission of activity papers and/or consultations. We meet our professors once a month wherein we make the most of our discussions.

You could say that I’m a graduate school student … sort of.

Missed the First Course Subject

As the subtitle goes, all eleven of us save for two missed the first period. The subject was Introduction to Development Communication: Concepts and Approaches. Actually, it was supposed to be our last subject for the day, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. What we knew to be our first subject was from 10:00am to 1:00pm. It turned out that our 4:00 to 7:00 schedule was moved to 7:00am to 10:00am. Imagine our surprise upon learning of our change in schedules! No heads-up whatsoever! Fortunately, our subject professor told us that it was okay.

Our learning mode is modular anyway, so yeah …

Mass COMM vs. Dev COMM Again!

Emphasis has been made on the differences between Mass COMM and Dev COMM. Mass COMM is commercial, Dev COMM is not. Mass COMM reaches a large-scale population, Dev COMM has a specific audience. Mass COMM is concerned with the transmission of information, Dev COMM concentrates on development.

What I have read about this discipline is validated so far. 😀

One thing that arrested me was what one of our professors observed: Graduates of a Bachelor’s degree in Mass COMM had difficulties grasping the concepts of Dev COMM because of the substantial emphasis on development. So what more for students like me? Obviously, I’ll be engrossed in a lot of reading and research work cum study in order to make it through this degree. 😦

What I Will Enjoy the Most

The subject that I most probably would find easy would be Electronic Communication. Obviously, I’m up-to-date with regard to new media and other tools now employed in communication. We would be discussing social media, modern gadgets and their roles in communication, and we would even be making a website (in the strictest sense, not a blog)! I’ll definitely make the most out of that course subject!

So Far So Good

So I already have my activities. I’ll be submitting the first of which next Saturday through Email. It’s definitely a radical experience using online tools that I’ve been using ever since for learning—MY OWN learning! By next month, we’ll be engaging in an online discussion, so we’ll be in a forum. Now I haven’t been chatting and online forums really never appealed to me, but I better start getting used to it.

But most of all, I need to revamp my life schedule!!! Work, study, and play have to be arranged!


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