Feeling the Exhaust

I never thought it would be this difficult to be in an open / distance learning program! And I’m not even formally employed yet!

First off, I spent half of the week doing my first assignment in one (of three) of my course subjects. We were required to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and do a discussion on Microsoft Word. I didn’t mind the presentation: I make a variety of them every week for the church I volunteer to. As for the discussion, I have experience writing academic papers so I didn’t think I would encounter any difficulties, more so that it’s on a topic I am studying.


I meticulously hunted the web for possible cases and references for my paper. By “meticulous,” I mean spending a whole day using Google and Google Scholar for relevant fact files.

At least the presentation was easier, but it did take me a day to let it come out the way I wanted it to. I’ve never experimented on presentation slide designs, animations, and transitions before as much as I did for this assignment!

But thankfully, I was able to submit everything with two days to the deadline.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “This guy’s crazy! He’s got two more days to deadline and here he is complaining of being exhausted on schoolwork! And he’s got no steady job!”

For the record, I am looking for a job. Actually, I’ve been to a VTR-audition and interview today but things look grim. 😦 I’ve been lacking sleep since our first face-to-face class discussions (I’m still suffering from the stress of being a Masters student). Because I’m an only child, I also have housework, utilities, and financial statements to take care of. And more importantly, I have another assignment due on Monday (the 2nd of July) and I haven’t started, much less read the corresponding lessons, yet!! And after that, I’ll start my assignment in yet another course subject. And I still have the nerve to blog!

Three course subjects on an open distance learning program. Just three subjects. Wasn’t expecting that. I love my life. 😀


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