Still Looking for a Job

Before the start of the semester, I promised myself that I would get a communications-related job to compliment my Master in Development Communication degree program. I would give myself a year to find any job description that will accept my skills and academic accomplishments. If after one year, I failed to do so, then I will consider enrolling in a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication instead and put my Master’s degree on hold.

At the back of my mind, I shortened the one-year period for job-hunting to about five to six months—the length of one semester in the degree program I am in.

Three weeks ago, I submitted my curriculum vitae to a broadcast media company applying for a field reporter position. I got a response two weeks later where I and three other applicants did a VTR audition. To my surprise, three of us were Nursing graduates while the other had a degree in MassCOMM. Basically, our VTR audition involved reading sample news bits in English and Filipino from a teleprompter and our manner of speaking and delivery would be recorded on video. These videos would then be sent to the company’s flagship office for evaluation, where one of us would be hired for the position.

I was the last applicant to arrive (but I wasn’t late) and so, I was the last to undergo the audition. Basing on the outputs of my fellow-applicants, I had a better VTR performance overall, especially in the delivery of English correspondence. I stuttered only twice, did two takes for the recording, and was reading from the teleprompter at a relaxed pace. The other three made a lot of mistakes, went through recording thrice, and were reading hurriedly.

It’s been a week now since our VTR audition and I haven’t received any callbacks. I guess they went with the MassCOMM graduate. Practical choice.

I sent my CV to another broadcast media company and it will be two weeks since then this coming Sunday. Hoo-boy …


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