The End of 1st Sem, 1st Year

At last, the semestral break is here. I just completed all my requirements last week and am now enjoying being “assignment-free”. The first semester of the first year was tough, but I’m still here and will definitely enroll for the second semester.

Making Choices

Just before the end of this sem, I was again pondering if I should enroll in an undergraduate degree for the second semester instead of continuing my Master’s degree. I kept reflecting on possible outcomes. I even consulted my friends. In the end, all my reflections and consultations led back to what I didn’t want to think of: “It’s MY choice”.

Making a choice may seem easy, but when making one on a significant and life-altering circumstance, it just becomes so darn challenging. So challenging, in fact, that you don’t want to think about making a choice anymore. You don’t want to do anything about it, you don’t want to approach and attack it. You want other to make the choice for you.

Now, I know that someone making choices for you is not what everyone recommends. But considering it for a while, it also has merits. Of course, you might end up discontented, but at least, you got somewhere — that is better than being in a rut, a status quo, doing nothing, being stagnant. You may not be doing what you always wanted to do, but you are still doing something. You’re doing something significant with your life. Forget the personal satisfaction for a bit and consider what you are doing — possibly — for other people, for the community, and for your country.

Saccharine, right?

There is, however, an alternative that I’ve stumbled upon to the “It’s MY choice” dilemma. Instead of the “Make your choice for me” option, one can opt for “I’ll take the available and viable choice that I can accept”

Pulling Oneself Together

I’ve read a quote that says,

If a plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.

I didn’t realize it (until reading that quote), but I’ve been constantly changing plans ever since graduation! My goal remained the same since high school (Yes, I dreamed a dream since back then.) but the only thing that changed was how I would accomplish that dream. It gives me reassurance that somehow, I’m doing something significant to the achievement of my goal. 🙂

Here’s to the accomplishment of what I aim to achieve!



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