Imagining a Thesis

So I just recently enrolled for the second semester. While finalizing the paperwork at the secretary’s desk, our dean approached me and asked me, “What will your thesis be on?”

Taken aback, I responded with, “Uhm … I plan to look into open source computer technology. Bringing open source computers to far-flung areas.”

She queried, “What are you taking again?”

“Development communication, ma’am,” I reminded her.

“Okay. What is your work … your employment?” she asked.

I said, “I do transcription. Transcription and writing.”

“I see,” she said. “‘I’m looking for someone who can make a program for our international students. Sort of an interactive learning program through the Internet. Do you think you could do it? All that programming?”

I paused for a while. The only programming I knew well was HTML. I was familiar with CSS but it was too much for me, I opted to forget that programming language. I could make learning programs, more so since the one she was asking on was for English students. But the programming bit threw me off.

“I’m sorry ma’am, I wouldn’t be able to do it, specially since it involves heavy programming,” I finally said.

“That’s okay.”

She turned to the assistant secretary. “Give him a ‘Guidance/Advisory Committee Nomination Form’ so he can start thinking about his thesis.”


So now, I have to deal with choosing potential members for my thesis advisory committee. But more importantly, I am now pressured to think of a worthwhile thesis / thesis project. I’ve just been one semester into my Master’s program and already, I have to think of a thesis!? I didn’t think it would take this fast!

So what’s it ‘gonna be?


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