Back to School on Saturday!

That’s right, it’s time to get back to studying. It’ll be the second semester of my first year (of a two-year Master’s program). I’m not as anxious as on the few days before the first day back in the first semester. I guess I already have an idea of how Master’s studies work and thus, am not threatened or intimidated anymore.

One thing that does bother me, though, is the fact that I will have additional tasks to add to my almost full schedule. Basically, my schedule is: Wake up early in the morning for a few rounds of jogging around the nearby university and taebo class at the open gym. Go home. Eat breakfast. Check up on my social networks. Go to the gym for weights and cardio. Go home. Eat lunch. Do scheduled blog posts and make videos for the vlog. Otherwise, go to an interesting event, cover it, and blog/vlog about it. Go home (if an event was covered). Post on blogs. Check comments and do some “social networking”.

Repeat the next day.

The schedule varies every Saturday and Sunday since I do some volunteer work at our Church.

Basically, my life is hogged by social networking. I’ve embraced it anyway, no use ignoring it since I enjoy it. It just becomes stressful or burns me out sometimes.

Believe me, I’m inching to go back to school. I just wish the assignments and paperwork would be less this time. Don’t I wish. As if that’s going to happen! I forgot that I’m in an open education system — of course, paperwork and other assignments will be plentiful! Then again, this is not the right mindset: going back to school should be seen as a privilege, more so since it’s a Master’s program.

Of course, I do hope that at the end of all of these studies, I will be able to say that “It was worth it!”


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