Looking Forward to the New Semester!

So I met with some of my instructors for the second semester, as well as a lot of new classmates. Some of my previous classmates have either: taken a leave from the Master’s program, or are enrolled in other, higher course subjects. GOD bless us all!

After meeting most of my new classmates, I have come to the conclusion that THIS particular semester, so far, is going to be FUN! FUN! FUN! Yes, I do believe I am going to enjoy this semester, all because of my new classmates. But thinking deeper, I think the term, “classmates” is over-the-top. I have to remind myself that we meet only once a month since we are in an open learning system. A more appropriate term is “peers”. Moreover, to keep things in check, I “might” not enjoy this semester according to what I imagine. You meet your peers once a month. What would you expect from such an environment? Form long-lasting friendships?


My course subjects for this semester are Communication and Culture, Production and Communication Materials, and Research Methodology.

Communication and Culture

From the course description, this will tackle the role and workings of communication in the world’s various cultures. But of course, the concentration will be on the Filipino culture, specifically on the Igorots, of which I am of. Because this is development communication, I guess there will be a lot of deliberation on the proper way of communicating with indigenous people and bringing your message across to them through their cultural communication means.

Production and Communication Materials

I guess this is the subject where I will “shine” the most. I just love creating media-centric content. I love being artsy or creative in the things that I do and I guess I would get to express myself in this subject. But once I looked at the course outline, I was a bit disappointed. See, I was expecting a lot of video or television outputs, including online media. But actually, this focus of this subject is going to be on radio broadcasts. 😯 I know, I know — high expectations, yet unmet. It’s to be expected, actually, since this is, after all, development communication. It’s main audience is the community, the indigenous people, the indigent … you get it. It’s not mostly on trends and entertainment. But anyway, let’s see what we can do …

Research Methodology

I dunno, I think I am growing tired of research and statistics already. In high school, we got a research subject in the sophomore year and even made our own formal researches by group. We did the same in our junior year, only without the statistics. By senior year, I did an individual research (also without statistics, but we did have a Statistics II subject). By college, we again had a research project as part of our graduation requirements. That’s four research papers in my academic year! *sigh!* Academic life is full of research work.


Here’s to a new and exciting semester! 😀



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