Busy with Schoolwork at the Busiest Time of the Year

Christmastime is now in the air. It’s usually regarded as the “busiest time of the year” because people are preoccupied with buying items for gifts, wrapping presents, visiting family, cooking Christmas dinners, and all that festive stuff.

Of course, for individuals who go to school, there’s the additional load of doing a lot of schoolwork in the form of numerous assignments and reports. Apparently, here in the Philippines, the second semester is shorter than the first. The first semester starts in June and ends in October. The second, on the other hand, starts in November and ends the following year, in March. That’s one month less than the first! And as a precautionary measure, teachers and instructors bombard their students with lots of assignments, projects, and reports to make sure that they have schoolwork to grade before the end of the semester. Usually, these assignments, projects, and reports are given in December. And it sucks, really.

So students want to get in the holiday mood. They want to feel and spread holiday cheer. Too bad; once they get home from school, they have a chunk of schoolwork to tend to. After barely completing their schoolwork for the day, it’s already late into the night, so they hit their beds. Same routine the next day. Saturdays and Sundays aren’t even spared. On a Friday, their teachers would give them weekend-long homework — more than enough to keep them occupied during the weekends.

Schoolwork during the holiday season is no fun. Why not reserve all those assignments and reports for next year? And while they’re at it, teachers could decrease the required workload of school to accommodate the remaining months of the second semester. I’m sure they could tailor their grading system to a lesser workload. Just leave the grade-making and passing (or failure) to the students.

Give back the freedom during the holiday season!


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