Still Job Hunting

The year is approaching the end and I still am not settled in a communications-related job. THIS is about to get depressing, but with the Yuletide season upon us, I refuse to feel even a hint of negativity. I’m guessing I’ll welcome the New Year jobless. Actually, that is already within my plan; I’ll just resume job-searching next year.

Truth be told, I’m a bit despondent seeing ads for vacancies in media companies. Before, the requirements said, “college graduate, willing to undergo training, and 20 to 25 years old”. NOW, unfortunately, they have added a new requirement: “Must be a mass communications graduate”. BOOM! There goes my hopes, here comes my frustrations.

I’ve always believed that the course a person took in college does not dictate the career he will take up. It is always passion and the subsequent motivation to excel in his chosen field (whether he studied for it in college or not) that will drive him to success. But I guess here in the Philippines, having a related degree to the field or practice that you want to pursue is a must. I guess headhunters here are more strict. Life here is already complicated that headhunters want individuals who will foot the bill for their respective companies. They want individuals who are real and worthy investments for their companies. In other words, chances or opportunities for novices and budding career-builders are non-existent.

Apparently, you need to heed the direction dictated by your college course.


Reminder to self: Don’t be frustrated this Christmas. Be FESTIVE!!


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