The Modern Survey Tool

So I had an assignment for a subject in Master’s school that required us to conduct an interview regarding the role of media in one’s life. We needed just ten interviewees; it was a simple assignment, really. So how did I gather the responses that I needed? With everyone’s busy schedule this holiday season, I opted to use a survey!

At first, I was thinking of making a survey questionnaire through Microsoft Word and just send it through Facebook or email to respondents who I know will and can answer this. But then I thought, isn’t there a more simple approach to the survey questionnaire. If I were a respondent, I would want an electronic survey questionnaire where you just click on a set of choices. Let’s face it: everyone wants that kind of convenience in this fast-paced world.

And so, I ran a Google search for “online questionnaire creators” and VIOLA! I stumbled upon SurveyMonkey! I chose this questionnaire-maker since it presented its services and pricing right off the bat. I only needed a few respondents to answer less than 10 questions, which corresponds to their “Free Account”. Perfect! I signed up and was delighted at how easy it was to navigate through their user-interface. In no time, I was done with my questionnaire and am now, at the moment, collecting responses. Just a few more and I’m done with the assignment.

Now, if only this was available back in college. Of course, our respondents back then must have had an Internet connection and a device to access it. 😛


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