Fitting in With “Experienced” Classmates

We met our classmates/peers for our Research Methodology 206 course last Saturday. I felt insignificant! This is why:

It was our first time to meet everyone. As a tradition, we had to introduce ourselves along with our jobs, Bachelor’s degrees, interests, and all those other details of your life that you share when meeting people. I was the first to go. I just said that I used to be a web article writer, an academic writer, and an audio transcriptionist. I explained a little about the web article writing bit and how it figures into online marketing. I then concluded with my interest in social media, “since it’s what’s happening now.”

Then our other classmates had their turns. At this point, it is significant to note that our classmates were adults, aged about 30 to 40. They introduced themselves as such:

“I am the Regional Officer I of the Office of *beep* for ten years already.”

“My position is Nurse I of the Barangay Health Office; and I’ve been in the same position for 15 years.”

“I’ve been with the Department of *beep* for eight years now.”

“I’ve been teaching *beep* for high school for seven years.”

“I too, am teaching Research at the College of *beep*.”

When I introduced myself, I said that I’ve been a web article and academic writer for “about a year”. I feel so insignificant! But actually, I take it as both a challenge and an inspiration: a challenge to finally land a career that I love and an inspiration that people can truly be happy working for the same job and doing the same routine over and over, as shown by our classmates.

Cheers! Happy holidays!


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