School is keeping me down?

Ever since the second half of last year, I’ve been seeing a handful of job advertisements on local television. These ads call for applicants for various positions in the media (television and radio). Actually, the employment ads come from one major, nationwide media company with a regional network near my area. I’ve already submitted my resumé to the said regional network three times. I’ve also submitted my resumé to the said network’s competitor, albeit to their national media office, since they don’t have a regional network near my area.

On my first attempt, I applied for a field reporter. I was called in to do a video audition (VTR). So I went in formal attire and read both English and Filipino news items from a teleprompter. I had three other companions with me: one was a Mass Communications graduate and the others were Nursing graduates like me. After the VTR, we were told that they would send the VTRs to their national media office and would call us if we qualified.

At the same time, I sent my resumé to the national media office of the said regional network’s competitor.

That was in June 29, 2012. I didn’t receive a call from both media companies.

My second attempt called applicants for a hosting position. I worked up the nerve to submit a resumé. The guard who receives all applications told me to wait for their call. One month after submitting my application, I got an SMS stating the schedule for auditions, which was for the next day. Well, the “next day”, a strong typhoon hit our area and auditions were postponed indefinitely.

That was from 17 July 2012 to 15 August 2012. I didn’t receive any message on the rescheduling of the auditions.

My third attempt was for a radio disk jockey for the regional network’s local radio station. Again, I worked up the nerve to submit a resumé. Thankfully, it was another guard who took my application. Again, I was instructed to wait for their call.

Guess what? I didn’t receive a call.


Two weeks a ago, me and a couple of my classmates from Master’s school did a ratio tour of one of the many local radios in our area. It was for an assignment in one of our course subjects, which I’ll blog about next week.

Anyway, one of the news reporters we interviewed said that they were in need of additional news reporters. I asked if I would be qualified and he said yes, despite my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing! He said that in radio, having a Mass Communications degree wasn’t really a requirement, as long as you can do the job (writing, researching, and reporting).

I was at the brink of declaring my intent to apply when he suddenly added, “But you’re in school eh, and we don’t accept applicants who are pursuing academics, even Master’s and open university.”



Life is one big irony.


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