Goodbye, niche blogs!

I’ve decided to merge future blog posts from my two other blogs, Fat-Loss Odyssey and Communications Odyssey, into my main blog: Recis Dempayos. It’s getting to be a drag having to maintain three blogs at the same time. I’m just too busy these days.

Now, the reason why I started other blogs beside my main blog (I had other ones before, by the way, a poetry and a gaming blog), was to ensure that I blogged on a niche or broad topic that interests me. Take for example, Fat-Loss Odyssey. I made it to publish my thoughts and past experiences on being fat, losing the fat, and maintaining and attaining my goals for my physique. I thought it was a broad topic to include in my main blog, so I created a dedicated blog for it.

Through time, I created other blogs for poetry, my attempts at a communications career path, and my gaming experiences. I would write blog posts for each of these blogs on a set day every week. That was in addition to posting to my main blog every day.

You see, I’ve been taught that when you blog, you must ensure that you have a specific area to blog about. If you’re a marine biologist, you can blog about your work and studies of the sea. If you’re a photographer, you can set up a photo blog. If you’re a poet, make a poetry blog. But if you plan on making a blog of mixed topics, like my main, personal blog, there’s a risk of alienating a target audience who are looking for a blog only on a specific area.

That is the use of niche blogs. They attract and cater to a specific audience. “All-in” blogs may have what a certain population is looking for, but those blogs’ other content may not appeal to them. In the end, they may choose to abandon these kinds of blogs simply because topics that they are not interested in are being pushed to them.

Blogging really is tough, huh? It needs utmost planning, dedication, time, and lots and LOTS of organization.

However, with my current day job, I just don’t have both the time and the energy to keep up with these blogging demands. I had to cut down on blogging and on other online activities (social media, YouTubing) to strike an acceptable balance with the “concrete world”.

I was getting very exhausted since I started working. I had to find a way to keep up my rest schedule, which comprised of nine (9) hours of sleep with about two (2) hours of lazing around in bed. If I lacked sleep, I wouldn’t be able to function optimally. Plus, I run the risk of accelerating the “aging look”, which most individuals would not want to happen.

So there. Goodbye, niche blogs! If I lose readers because I’m maintaining a “Jack-of-all-trades, Master of none” blog, well … that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

I choose rest and relaxation at the end of a tiring day. 😛

Cheers! 😀


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