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Goodbye, niche blogs!

I’ve decided to merge future blog posts from my two other blogs, Fat-Loss Odyssey and Communications Odyssey, into my main blog: Recis Dempayos. It’s getting to be a drag having to maintain three blogs at the same time. I’m just too busy these days. Now, the reason why I started other blogs beside my main blog (I had other … Continue reading

School is keeping me down?

Ever since the second half of last year, I’ve been seeing a handful of job advertisements on local television. These ads call for applicants for various positions in the media (television and radio). Actually, the employment ads come from one major, nationwide media company with a regional network near my area. I’ve already submitted my … Continue reading

The Difference Sinks In

In one of our face-to-face meetings, one of our instructors made a statement that made me think about whether I was in the right Master’s degree or not: We don’t do art for the sake of art. We focus more on development. That statement pierced me hard. I was hoping to complete a degree in … Continue reading

How I Chose My Communications School

Introduction It all started in April of this year. I resolved to take up a communications degree after twice failing an entrance examination for a premier conservatory of music. I needed the education because one simply cannot expect to achieve, much less thrive, in the competitive field of communications media without relevant credentials. (My Bachelor’s degree is … Continue reading

Hello world!

Hello world indeed! A new chapter in my blogging life is what I need. Hopefully, it is. Why am I always like that? Seems like I can’t stand for a decision. Oh well. Most times, the decisions that I follow aren’t the original ones—the ones that I make—anyway. And besides, these decisions—I’ll call them disguised opportunities—reap unwarranted … Continue reading