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School is keeping me down?

Ever since the second half of last year, I’ve been seeing a handful of job advertisements on local television. These ads call for applicants for various positions in the media (television and radio). Actually, the employment ads come from one major, nationwide media company with a regional network near my area. I’ve already submitted my … Continue reading

Still Job Hunting

The year is approaching the end and I still am not settled in a communications-related job. THIS is about to get depressing, but with the Yuletide season upon us, I refuse to feel even a hint of negativity. I’m guessing I’ll welcome the New Year jobless. Actually, that is already within my plan; I’ll just … Continue reading

Still Looking for a Job

Before the start of the semester, I promised myself that I would get a communications-related job to compliment my Master in Development Communication degree program. I would give myself a year to find any job description that will accept my skills and academic accomplishments. If after one year, I failed to do so, then I … Continue reading